General Overview

Who are we?

We are ScatterMC Network, created by 3 people, 1 Owner, 1 Developer, 1 Admin,
we are just a group of people who care about what we do.
I have put in countless days & nights into perfecting this network,
and customizing gameplay features to maximize an optimal experience for you.
Our Servers: Hardcore Teams, Practice, SkyGrid, & Mini-Games

Hardcore Teams

Brief Description

Our Hardcore Teams server is based on real world survival and it involves raiding players by tracking them,
and with that you become rich to gain payouts at the end of every season.
Every season generally lasts a month. You can create your own trackers as big as you want.
World border is 10000x10000 blocks. You may also save XP in bottles by bottling it.
Capture mobs with eggs if you have 25 levels of experience.
You are able to team up with 10 people max and their are HQ and Rally points for teams that you can warp too,
and also each players has the ability to set 5 personal warps by default.

Become the richest and most valuable on the server and don't get found by other players.
Their are KOTH & Capture the Flag event's that are randomly started that you may participate in that randomly spawn near the World Spawnpoint.
Their is a 2 minute deathban by default. If you die during an event then you are deathbanned for 10 minutes.
You can win rewards during these events to gain stronger loot and become more valuable..
If you vote for our server you are eligible for a chance
to win anywhere from Villager Spawn Eggs to Gold Ingots, Diamonds, Emeralds, Redstone, Mushroom Egg.
This is soup pvp, right clicking heals you 3.5 hearts.

Overall you play our server you have a chance to make the top #3 leaderboard at the end of the season
if you participate in our EOTW (End of the World event) and you are eligible for a chance to win a real life cash payout from us.


Use '/team' in-game for a list of all team subcommands.
Teams capacity limit are set too max of 10 players per team.

Be prepared. At the end of every season, teams are forced to fight each other to the death during EOTW.
Last team standing must fight each others member's, the last person standing wins the entire season by default.
3 player's with highest statistics win the season.


/track all #Track all players within a distance
/track (playername) #Track a specific player within your distance
/track help #explains mechanics for tracking.
Tracking mechanics:
There are two types of trackers, permanent(normal), and temporary(temp) trackers.
to set up a permanent tracker first you: - place a Diamond Block down and extend
Obsidian from each 4 sides of the block at the end of each arm of Obsidian place a Gold Block.
Permanent trackers allow you to track all players or individual's within a distance from you.
/track all #Must be standing on a Diamond Block
/track [playername]

to set up a temporary tracker: - place an Obsidian block in the center for the arms, use Cobblestone,
at the end of each arm, use Stone Brick
*Temporary trackers only last once, you may only use /track [player] with them once!

each block for the arms/end of a tracker represents 25 blocks of tracking distance.
to find north, look at the clouds(it's the direction they're traveling in)
trackers only tell if a player is within it's tracking distance,
not their actual location *this is where temporary trackers [and smaller ones] come in handy.

trackingDemo trackTempDemo

Experience(XP) Bottling

You may save your XP by bottling it safely.
For example, if you had 25 levels, you may take a glass bottle,
put it any crafting slot/table slot & it will craft your Bottle with your saved XP Levels.
Splash the bottle by right-clicking anytime to gain your levels back.

Mob Capturing

Take any Egg, be within at least 5 blocks of any hostile mob/friendly animal or pet
you can throw your egg at them and it will take 25 levels from your Experience Bar.
In return you will be dropped the following 'Spawn Egg' of that Mob/ or Animal.
Requires: ~25XP LEVELS

Salvaging Items

Salvage-First Salvage-Done

You are going to set up as following for whichever you need (Iron, Gold, or Diamond)
it work's as so, place the item type block(in this case ex: iron block) you want to salvage on top of a Furnace.
right click that block with the matching item type's children (ex: iron sword, iron armor, iron door)
in return you will receive the item's types materials based on how much durability was left on that item.
For example, in this case right click with non-used iron-sword,
In return I receive (x2 iron ingot's) and (x1 wood stick).
~This is useful for when you want to save armor.


In our gamemode you are able to set 8 warps as a player!
Each player is allowed 5 warps using '/warp' or '/go' by default.
You may also set 1 home using '/sethome' and you can access your home with '/home'.
Each team is allowed to set 1 Headquarters, and 1 Rally Point.
You may not attack for 10 seconds after warping.
You may also not warp if you are in combat. Combat Tag duration lasts 30 seconds.
You can teleport to the world spawn point with '/spawn'.

Our Economy

Our economy is based on Gold Ingots which have a reduced chance of spawning/dropping on the map.
You can get gold from either mining it and smelting it into a gold ingot, or selling items for gold.
Making it a lot harder to obtain it.
You are able to deposit Gold Ingots safely into your account and withdraw them to your inventory anytime.
All economy commands:
- /shop #Pull up the inventory shop auction GUI
- /sell (quantity) #Sell item(s) to the shop
- /price (quantity) #Check the price of item(s)
- /buy (quantity) #Buy item(s) from the shop
- /withdraw #Withdraw ingots from your account to your inventory
- /deposit #Deposit ingots to your account from your inventory

Common Item Aliases:
* strp2 - Strength 2(II) Potion
* swp2 - Speed 2(II) Potion
* frp1 - Fire Resistance 1 Potion


Combat can get competitive, and its best to stay prepared.
Right-clicking soup can heal you 3.5 hearts
it's great to learn hotkeying in your hotbar if you don't already know.
Potions are available to be made, for example: Instant Health, Instant Damage, any other potion you can think of.
Not so good with soup?
No problem just use Instant Health potions, kind of gives it that HCF feel every one loves.
With the mix of Soup, PotPvP, our custom AntiCheat & server mechanics this is everything a legacy PVPER could ask for.
We ensure a smoother gameplay, with custom modified knockback, faster potions, & overall an enjoyable top tier experience.
Every plugin is fully custom-coded!
The typical [Map Kit] is Fire Aspect 1, Sharpness 3, Unbreaking 3, thats about it.
Can change frequently*
Any other combat enchantments are disabled or limited if not listed here.

Anytime you engage in PvP another words damage a player,
you are 'Combat Tagged' for a duration of 30 secs
Be sure not to logout during 'Combat'
this is considered combat logging and you can most likely die if not logged back in-time.

Our Events


CTF * (Capture the Flag):

EOTW * (End of the World):